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Dear Reader,

A generous retirement should be the reward for your decades of work and sacrifice.

Richard Smith

Yet, a little-understood crisis threatens to blindside millions of Americans. That includes current retirees and anyone who plans to retire between now and 2027.

In fact, a recent Bloomberg report suggests “a simple extrapolation of recent trend lines” points to the crisis highwater mark arriving as early as 2023.

One expert calls it, “the biggest single theme of our generation.”

If you’re like my readers, you’re asking some of these same questions...

  • Will I have to drastically cut my lifestyle in order to not outlive my money?

  • What can I do to “catch up” on what I’ll need to retire?

  • How do I generate consistent income in retirement?

  • How will the government fund my Medicare and Social Security?

  • How much longer will these record-breaking markets last?

  • How do I navigate the inevitable downturn?

  • How will the retirement of 12,000 Americans per day affect my plans?

  • Where will the investment returns I need come from?

  • How should I allocate my investments to protect myself?

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Whether you’re sitting on a hefty retirement nest egg...

Or you’re concerned about out-living your savings...

This online broadcast event will provide you insights into exactly how secure your retirement is right now.

You’ll see how an escalating population shift could deal a damaging blow to current market trends...

Along with unique methods I’ve developed that could help you build cash reserves and take advantage of new opportunities spawned by future trends.

While it’s true that millions will find their retirements are in jeopardy, my research shows you can do better than just “weather the storm.”

No matter how much you’ve saved for retirement, I guarantee you will walk away from this video series with a totally different sense of what you can accomplish in the next two to five years.

At the conclusion of this series, you’ll have concrete next steps you can take.

  • How to take advantage of investment opportunities that provide solid prospects for market-beating gains in any market conditions.

  • A new way to approach capturing more rewards with less risk.

  • A method that will give you the ability to invest with confidence for the rest of your life.

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Enter your email to register for The Great Retirement Reset: a free online broadcast event on May 21 that will explain how you can navigate the coming retirement crisis.

You'll also be taken to a page where you can download your copy of Retirement Mistakes We All Make and get more information about the upcoming video series.

Consider this report a roadmap to help you avoid some of the most common—and potentially disastrous—mistakes made by most Americans.

In the complimentary report, you’ll discover:

  • The Five Retirement Risks you must be aware of... Whether you’re 30, or 80, or somewhere in between, risk is everywhere. Yet, these five risks are the most dangerous to your security. You’ll see how to spot the warning signs, and the concrete steps you can begin taking to mitigate them.
  • The Four Ways the Financial Media Deceives You... “First-stop” news sources like Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal control the conversation. Yet they operate by rules most viewers aren’t aware of. You’ll discover how to spot and see through the most common tools they use to sway viewers.
  • The Nobel-prize winning “secret advantage”... Recent Nobel Prize-winning research has uncovered two startling flaws in the way most investors approach the markets. Find out a simple technique that helps you avoid them and improve your investing process almost immediately.
  • And much more.

The report is yours as my gift. Plus, when you request your free report, I'll also place you on the notification list for my new video series, The Great Retirement Reset.


Professional Experience

Consulted to Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, NYSEG, etc.

20 years of investing and trading

Founder and CEO of TradeSmith, where he has helped over 50,000 investors track more than $20 billion in assets


U.C. Berkeley BA in Mathematics

SUNY Binghamton, Watson School of Engineering PhD in Systems Science



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